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'Every Day Is A Miracle' is now #40 on the Country Radio Charts!


MULTI-PLATINUM singer and songwriter Nancy Cassidy, whose 15 projects combined have sold over 2 million copies, has just released her 9th album of original material, RIVER’S RISING, offering 13 cuts of comfort,community, compassion and hope during times that need it. Like right now. Her millions of fans will recognize her signature stamp and smoky alto through the whole ride, with styles ranging from folk and gospel to feisty rock-a-billy.

Cassidy’s mature songwriting talents are on full display.At times the tunes are tender, at others they’re right back at you, but there’s a river of strength and resilience that runs under all of it. Her material has been recorded by dozens of artists over the years, most notably by Bruce Springsteen. And no one-sheet of Nancy Cassidy would be complete without mentioning that one of her tunes is out of this world: “I Wanna Be a Dog” was beamed up to the shuttle astronauts, and “CHICKEN” was featured on the Netflix original series Orange Is the New Black!

Veteran Ed Tree, born and bred in the deep south, produced RIVER’S RISING at legendary Sunset Sound, bringing in the cream of LA’s session players for a full-throttle showcase of exceptional talent, including Taras Prodaniuk (Richard Thompson), Gary Ferguson (John Hiatt), and Jay Dee Mannes (Pedal Steel Guitar Hall of Fame). Back-up vocals were provided by the

Waters Family, who has more than 260 Gold Records to their credit, along with Teresa James, Sally Dworsky & Steve Kobashigawa.

Since 2008, Nancy Cassidy has hosted House Concerts in California and Idaho, monthly songwriting circles in Santa Cruz, and since 2014 has hosted weeklong singer/songwriter retreats in Stanley, Idaho...all with the purpose of encouraging a supportive and creative musical community.

Currently, Cassidy performs about 100 shows a year. In addition to performing at various adult venues, she also serves as a volunteer, singing with seniors, children and to people residing in various institutions.


“Striking, out-of-the-ordinary imagery…(Nancy) has a way of probing beneath the surface of things with the effective application of metaphor, whether it draws on water, storms, flight, time or space, all communicated via tunes that are not easily ignorable. I can't stress how rare this is in an era dominated by singer-songwriters who are usually more proficient at lyrics than tunes”
— Jerome Clark,

“There’s an unabashed, wholesome sexiness in her voice here that is not vampy at all, but instead makes you feel just like that valued, special someone sitting on the porch next to her.  Smooth as the smoke from a Cuban cigar, and much easier on the heart!”
— Jim Pipkin

 “A little back porch, a little post feminist, this is a prime example of current DIY singer/songwriter material done right... Cassidy has a lot on the ball and really knows how to break down the fourth wall. Well done.”
— Chris Spector, Midwest Record

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