Nancy's Music

Nancy Cassidy’s down on the farm fence rail sound is smoky and rare as real wood string pegs. There’s an unabashed, wholesome sexiness in her voice that makes you feel just like that valued, special someone sitting on the porch next to her….and so easy on the heart! She performs with an accompanist and with a full band.


River’s Rising

River’s Rising offers 13 cuts of comfort, community, compassion and hope during times that need it. Her millions of fans will recognize her signature stamp and smoky alto through the whole ride, with styles ranging from folk and gospel to feisty rock-a-billy. Cassidy’s mature songwriting talents are on full display. At times the tunes are tender, at others they’re right back at you, but there’s a river of strength and resilience that runs under all of it.

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HEART OF A SONG takes us another step closer to the music that resides in our hearts. This diverse collection takes us from folk to playful country, feisty old-timey, melancholy blues to romantic pop and points between. David Jacobs-Strain’s soulful guitar playing is stunning in its emotional depth. Ronny Crawford (drums) and Glenn Fukunaga (bass) create and hold down the diverse beats and elevate the songs to danceable, dream-able and heart throbbing warmth.

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Memphis pulls you in like the Mississippi heading south. Every twist and turn of the currents is here: soft gentle rocking on the water channels like Back Water Blue, all the way to the churning, fast changing, heart pounding moments like Broken Wing Blues. Memphis is full of soul healing calm and body quaking rhythms.

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song of joy

Song of Joy

Arriving May 8th!!! Song of Joy is a collection of original songs to help heal your spirit, something Cassidy has been doing naturally for years. Tunes written for late nights and early morning relaxations...for rainy days by the fire and fresh Spring mornings...for taking on walks on the beach and for singing alongside flowing rivers. The songs say "I hope you feel better, I love you, I'm glad we're here on Earth." Healing kinds of songs, inspired by the desire to help wounded bodies and hearts and to lift your spirits.

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Runaway Train

Nancy hits the tracks rolling with her original blues, folk, “a kicker of country,” foot-stomping gospel and swing tunes. Songs like My Rooster that makes every guy want to be that rooster and every woman laugh; Hallelujah a gospel tune that reminds us there is hope in every new day; Runaway Train a rocker about not being perfect, but being perfectly OK.

"A little back porch, a little post feminist, this is a prime example of current DIY singer/songwriter material done right... Cassidy has a lot on the ball and really knows how to break down the fourth wall. Well done." (Runaway Train)
Chris Spector, Midwest Record (Dec 23, 0008)

"(Runaway Train) a great place for an introduction to her hard-driving folk. Cassidy's ability to assemble a balanced, well-paced album has caught up with her performing and composing talents, which have always been ahead of the pack."
RA, Vintage Guitar

"...incisive and sensitive a chronicler of grown-up life hear the life she's lived in her warm, husky voice...she brings to her captivating new album the richness of living the examined life..." (Runaway Train)
David McGee, The Bluegrass Special

"...the tunes are upbeat and bouncy, the arrangements are lush and compelling, and Nancy's beautiful alto voice is always mixed to the front, so the lyrics stand out. No listener will be left without a tapping foot and a gentle smile." (Runaway Train)
Scott Sheldon, Sing Out!

"Heartfelt, intense lyrics; memorable tunes; sweet soulful harmonies and a red-hot band..."
Dave Stafford, KKUP Radio

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So Much Weather

Original songs ranging from Weak Coffee – a blues number that Ella would have died for – to Wanna Go Back to the Country, a Nashville-inflected rocker that shows what a blues and folk girl can really do when she decides it’s time to get out there on the floor. It’s a tour of heart, Cassidy’s hometown, and she knows it like a real local and the weather there is very, very fine.

"She's a laid back Tracy Nelson with a good selection of country-folk and blues...I Want You is one of those great gotta-have-you-now blues numbers with some excellent backing vocals." (So Much Weather CD)
JA, Sing Out!

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You Reel Me In

Nancy’s voice and songs are “imbued with warmth, spice and intimacy” in this collection of original music that spans styles including folk, R&B, and country…includes favorites like Every Time that makes you remember falling in love all over again and Adios that lets you know why you don’t like having to say goodbye.

“Soulful, uplifting and inspiring...‘Sunday morning’ songs you'll want to listen to again and again.” - Fan

"Your voice flows like rich caramel sauce. - Fan

"The songs and your voice are so deep, rich and warm I feel blessed. - Fan

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Night Skies

Nancy's beautifully rich voice and original lyrics capture the moods of all types of weather on this CD - spirited and feisty, reflective and romantic. Her soulful and insightful songs were recorded with many of Toronto's finest musicians and produced by Ken Whiteley. (CD Baby)

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Pocketbook Romance

From The Farmer to I'm Gonna Love You to Little Blackbird Nancy's warm and engaging voice takes you through her life experiences of being a daughter, wife and mom.

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